Belonging: What We Do & Why We Do It

Last Updated: 1/14/2022 3:49 PM

At Wyoming City Schools, we are working to foster a sense of Belonging for students, staff members, and families. 


Our Current Focus Areas:

  1. Elevate Student Voice
  2. Provide Professional Development to Staff
  3. Examine District Practices

What We Do:

Elevating Student Voice

Our work around equity, inclusion and belonging is built on listening to student voice so we can better understand the experiences of others to ensure we are providing an equitable and inclusive environment for every students.

We listen. This work is done through individual, small group, classroom, grade-level, and school-wide conversations. Additionally, we use student and stakeholder feedback tools, including annual social and emotional screeners, parent and student surveys, and CommUNITY Conversations.

Providing Professional Development to Staff

We educate our staff on how to build a climate of belonging for our students, staff and families through our One Degree Shift discussions. Our Equity Coordinator facilitates One Degree Shift training.

Examining District Practices

We examine our processes and practices for opportunities to build inclusion and equity in our Belonging & Inclusion Collaborative.

Information and updates about this work is shared with the community during Belonging Committee reports at Board of Education meetings.

Why We Do It:

  • Research shows that when student voice is elevated, students are more motivated, engaged, and feel a greater sense of belonging. This work helps to support our students today, while also preparing them for their future in an ever-changing world.

  • We are proud of the diversity of our student body and believe it’s imperative we give our students learning environments where their identities and voices are affirmed, valued, and represented. 

    • By listening to our students, we've learned that there are opportunities for improvement in this area.

  • Rooted in our Climate and Culture goal area, we are working to create a school community culture where all members feel connected and engaged. We are building a culture where all members feel a true sense of belonging. 

    • Opportunities for improvement in this area have been a consistent theme when listening to our community during focus groups and through the use of surveys and other feedback tools.